e-Technology Computing

Systems, Components & Cores Design

For every complex problem, there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong
H. L. Mencken

How We Work

Our Process Cycle



First and foremost, we study feasibly and analyse the systems requirements, then we define the right solutions architecture



Secondly, we design the model and the bluprint with the required specification and we prepare the technical documentation.



Thirdly, This is the phase where we engineer: write codes, debug, develop, test for quality assurance prepare for deployment.

We Are OpensDigital

Designing Systems Cores 4 Easy Integration

We are systems and e-Technology core computing company, driven by core concepts and key technologies as applicable.

We design our core components for other systems integration using either of the major web (API) services implementation.

REST (API) Web Service   

SOAP (API) Web Service   

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Our Technologies

The Key Technologies for Our Systems Design

Java 94%

SpringBoot 88%

MySQL 88%

Hibernate 92%

Hikari CP 88%

XML 94%

Projects & Solutions

We Design Systems Cores & Components

Database Schema

We design the system model and develop the technical database schema for the projects specifics

Data Components

We write procedural programs and create the database objects for speedy and secure data access

Systems Cores

We design the logics and controls for the system where all the components plug as appropriate


Projects Done


Active Clients


Practice Years