Opens Source Technology

OPENSDIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES LTD is an Open Source Technology (OST) based Computer Programming and Systems Analysis and Training company formed to tackle the issue of outrageously priced Software Solutions and Systems, and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) consulting in Nigeria and Africa.

We have formed alliances with various organizations for the efficient discharge of its professional and specific services and the development of its products. Some of the service specific industry we maintain partnership are the Information Communication Technology, education services and management and lots more.

Looking for Software DesignWeb & Media ArtsSystems AnalysisEducation & Support Services?


We analyse your projects, business and/or operational and functional requirements and hence define the necessary solutions architecture.


We develop a time tested system that guaranties your operational productivity by the core functions of automation and intelligence.


We give you a dedicated support to help you comply continually to the demands in change by our system to your modus operandi.


We work in partnership with other professional service providers to gain insights required to design first and world class solutions for our clients.

ARMS (Academic Resource Management System) is the most robust ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system among its league with features way beyond a complete utilization by a single institution. It is indeed an educational revolutionary system designed for Nigeria and West Africa.

ARMS is a web based system with multi tenancy and multi campus profile and with a very secured access authentication & authorization.

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